Fanfic: Poor Unfortunate Soul

Hello there. First entry ever. Thanks to whoever finds this for the read!

"We both know all this sweetness you've been shovin' down my throat is out of your selfish desire to kill me," He smolder the words, while continuing to eat the last hunk of his third beignet, even as he spoke "just so you can leave my humble abode."

Dr. Facilier licked his fingers clean of the sticky honey and powdered sugar before reaching to take another from the silver tray, laden with a necessity of sweets and confectionaries. Tiana watched his piano-man fingers grip the end of an atypically shaped cookie "leave?" Her eyebrows creased together while a new thread of anger weaved its way into her chest.
'Leave'? How on Earth could he, the voodoo-wielding Shadowman of lore, the one man her daddy had worn a souring mask to, and the man who had taken her weaknesses into his own manipulation, possibly be so contrived as to believe she wanted to simply 'leave'?

She waited dourly for his answer. He took his sweet time biting into the homemade cinnamon cookie; some crumbs were lost in his starkly-angled mustache. The corners of his lips tugged upward into a secretive smile. Facilier's alienated shadow, however, leered from the wall nearest to the opposite wall of Tiana, close to the entrance into the parlor-area of the Emporium. She felt almost childish enough to make a face at it.

"You know what you're problem is, Tiana darlin'?" Smooth-talking, side-stepping heathen "you really are a stick-in-the-mud." He let the phrase pour out of his mouth like Bouillabaisse; Tiana's nostrils flared, but her eyes remained steady.
He went on; another two sweets branded between his thumb and index finger, "you can't even invent a good comeback. Not even a coy little smile out of you. Everything must be black and white under those lacking eyes." The Witch Doctor twisted in his chair (his throne) to face her; the glowing violet irises of his eyes half-hidden by curtain of his eyelids. "I'm surprised myself that I even let you stay here. It'd be just as well if I left you for my hungry Friends to devour your soul when they had the chance."

Tiana rose from her spot, a substantial bed made up of a hollow rectangular frame, a dull mattress, and few thinly-made sheets that fell to the floor in a heap, with her hands clenched into fists. The middle finger on her left cracked as her chest rose and fell heavily. The white hot anger pulsing in her body reached her eyes, enough to turn her vision into charred little fragments.

"How dare you! How dare you even say-that-those things! You have the nerve to tell me I'm a stick-in-the-mud? Have you heard stories mothers' around here tell their children at night?! The Shadowman reaps churchyards to make the skeletons dance, and steals the souls of naughty children at night if they're careless? You may be the most hypocritical being I have ever had the misfortune –"

Tiana stopped short. An eerie sensation had wrapped itself around her calf, and was now sliding slow, slow, slowly down toward her ankle.
She looked down with wide eyes and screamed before, without any further options, plunging back into the bed. Upon her fall, Tiana's legs thumped back against the flimsy frame, and sent Facilier's shadow away like a wayward snake.
The detached shadow cringed as it departed; and Facilier himself, who'd been glaring through Tiana's entire outburst, now, held the ultimate expression of a hellish beast.

"Merde'! You idiot!" He roared; the doctor's fingers now squeezed against the scepter in his hand, to the point where it was now indented where his palm was. "How many times do we go through this? Huh?" He raised the ball end of the cane at the silhouette, "you can't do every little thing you want! That kinda thing is what's gonna get us a one way ticket to the END!" Both man and his shadow grimaced momentarily at the mere idea of their possible fate.

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